Wang Yongsheng Conducts Survey at School of Applied Sciences

By Tue, 03 Jul 2018 GMT

Beijing, 2nd July, 2018 (BISTU)--- President Wang Yongsheng, accompanied by directors of relating divisions, conducts educational survey at School of Applied Sciences. The survey seminar is attended by all management staff of the School, chairs of departments, and representatives of young faculties. 

Dean Xie Ruifeng delivers a report on general information of the School, academic support with science subjects, program building, talent cultivation, progress in the past half year, current problems and countermeasures. Wang Yongsheng asks information on some key areas, like construction of foundation subjects such as advanced mathematics, talent cultivation plan, postgraduate enrollment rate, and proportion of students’ receiving degree upon graduation. Following the report, Wang Yongsheng and Han Guang, Secretary of CPC School of Applied Sciences Branch Committee, hold talks with young faculties on mission and objectives of BISTU, guidance of “construction of five environments”, latest progress of the School in the 13th Five-Year Plan, achievements so far, and bottleneck of development. 

Wang Yongsheng positively confirms achievements that the School has made and the active spirit of students and faculties. With regard to development of the School, he mentions three points of attention: firstly, all shall take into consideration of the interests of the whole and keep pace with BISTU development. With praise on emotional environment construction of the School, Wang Yongsheng hopes that further contributions could be made to development of BISTU. Secondly, development of the School shall be based on BISTU feature and shall focus on quality construction. Wang Yongsheng points out that the School should think of academic research and education on a higher stage, build strong connections with other schools, and harmoniously work together with all schools and divisions of the University. And thirdly, the School shall pay attention to development of the times, push forward reform on education and teaching, and make progress in teaching of foundation subjects. It is hoped that the School and faculties could learn and deeply understand relating documentation published by Beijing Municipality on promoting reform on higher education so as to better serve teaching of foundation subjects at BISTU and contribute to development of the University.  

Han Guang says that the School will strictly follow requirements of the University. All faculties and staff will work closely together to serve faculties and students. It is the School’s objectives to build a closely-united, harmonious teaching environment and to contribute to three-step development goal of the University.