Address to Graduation Ceremony of BISTU in 2018

By Sat, 30 Jun 2018 GMT 

President Wang Yongsheng  


Dear Colleagues, Dear Students,

Good morning! 

June is the month when graduating students fly their dreams. It is the day when all of us are happily together to celebrate graduation ceremony and degree awarding ceremony of graduating students in 2018. We are here to witness this happy, solemn moment and share your joy of successfully completing studies. Please allow me, on behalf of all faculties and staff of BSITU, to extend warmest congratulations for your successful completion of studies! Here I would also like to pay high tribute to your parents, relatives and friends who have always been there with you all through this journey!

June is a season of parting. As time flies, it seems in an instance that you are leaving the campus. I walk in the campus and feel the atmosphere of graduation. You are taking group photos for memory of university life and the campuses. The four years is not a long time. However, it will become the most beautiful, the most precious time in your life.  

Still vivid in my memory is the “mass entrepreneurship and innovation” slogan initiated by Premier Li Keqiang when you just enrolled at BISTU. The recent few years have witnessed increasingly enriched educational methods and channels at BISTU, which encourages quite a few students to engage in innovation and entrepreneurship practice. I am sure you can still clearly recall the tiredness and perseverance of working through nights in labs, the happy arguments in seminars, and the fierce competition and joyfulness on various academic competitions. With your witness and participation and guided by “construction of five environments”, BISTU embarks on a new journey of building a high level university with focus on moral education. We have achieved outstanding fruits in education and teaching: Detection and Control Technology and Instrument is approved in the first cohort of first-rate programs in municipality-supervised universities; BISTU is the only municipality-supervised university which advances to the next round in National Internet Plus University Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest and wins bronze medals. Four entrepreneurial teams of BISTU are selected as entrepreneurial teams of excellence in Beijing. Meanwhile, we are greatly enhanced in scientific and technological innovation competences, profoundly promote educational globalization progress, and make big strides in social services. The past four years have seen your active participation in development of the University. And I am sure you are proud of BISTU’s progress with each passing day.  

In the past four years, I have been witnessing your growth. I know a lot about you and about things you have accomplished. Miss Lv Mengyao from School of Automation has impressed me with eyeball-controlled smart wheelchair which wins the first prize of Beijing section of National Internet Plus University Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest and a bronze medal of national contest. Here is Zhang Yu from School of Information and Communication Engineering. You have three software copyrights approved and on EI-indexed paper published. You are also accredited as one of mobile internet engineers. And there comes Huang Meixia from School of Economics and Management. Reading ten thousand books is like traveling ten thousand miles. Yet you have done both. You have followed your supervisor in investigation and survey of poverty alleviation and travelled through Sichuan, Shaanxi, Yunnan and Guizhou provinces of China. There are a lot more students who I know have been working very hard and happily, though I may not be able to call you one by one by names. You and your teachers work together to build BISTU’s glory and preeminence. Your stories and spirit are vivid reflection of “diligence in learning and honor for life”.  

Dear students, the world is small that we meet each other very easily. The world is very big that we all want to go around and enjoy its beauty. I am happy that you are in a New Ear, an era of rejuvenation when China is coming closer to the center of world stage. As you President, I sincerely hope that you fly your dream and make it shine on the world stage and truly become contributors to “two centenary goals”. I would like to share the following at the moment of parting:  

Firstly, I sincerely hope that you are always the BISTUers who are diligent in learning and perseverant in fighting. In his book Newspeak of Hangzhou (Zhi Jiang Xin Yu), President Xi Jinping has quoted that “learning is the way to success just like whetstone sharpening knives.” It means that learning and diligence is necessary way of academic growth. In the information era technological innovation is going faster forward. It is only through constant learning that your knowledge will be constantly updated and that you will be able to keep pace with times. I hope that you bear “diligent in learning” in mind and keep students’ mind. Knowledge is a life-time goal. I wish that you are diligent, happy and active in learning and updating and optimizing your knowledge. It is your future which will highly appreciate what you in today have contributed to. Success belongs to perseverance.  

Secondly, standing on solid ground, you are forever honest, credible BISTUers. “Honor for life” is originally from The Analects of Confucius. It says that people need trust. It is the foundation of learning and life for all BISTUers. It also serves as the basic principle that we have to follow. A couple of days ago I happen to read a story about a successful entrepreneur. When he firstly starts the company, he gets drunk one day and agrees to a number of severely harsh conditions of clients. When he becomes sober, all colleagues say that he shall say no to decisions made while being drunk. However, he insists on keeping his words. And then he becomes well known for honesty and credibility, which wins him more clients. Now his company is a top of the industry. The story tells us that however difficulty challenges and complicated context you might encounter in the future, you shall be honest and that is the only way to success.  

And thirdly, you shall forever be BISTUers who are brave to shoulder your responsibilities. BISTU is firstly established in 1930s, a period of turbulence and wars. Over 80 years of development has witnessed that BISTU integrates in national advancement and development and cultivates one cohort after another builders for the nation, such as Prof. Yang Tianxing who has contributed to research of the first mainframe computer of China, Ph.D. Supervisor Xu Ying who is called goddess of COMPASS, and Wang Ning who is the founder of Keep and a pioneer of entrepreneurship of graduating students. These BISTUers bring their love of the country, professional knowledge and diligence in work into full play and contribute to national strategies like “Made in China 2025” and mass entrepreneurship and innovation. The New Era needs courage of young generation to shoulder responsibilities. ZTE corporation crisis exposes the problems with core technology of micro-chips. Core technology is not somewhere waiting for us. We have to work hard to conquer all barriers. It requests young generation to work hard with perseverance and to bravely shoulder your responsibilities. I sincerely hope that you will work for frontline and frontiers of technology to make your contributions to the society and to the nation.  

Dear students, following today’s ceremony, you will step on your own pathway of development. The future might not be as good as expected and your life might not be as comfortable as you imagine. However, I sincerely hope that you will keep your dream in mind, no matter how busy you will be. I hope that you always remember poems and dreams when trekking in the wind and rain.  

At the time of parting, there are no words which could convey blessings and expectations of alma mater and your teachers. Please do bear in mind that BISTU is your home, however far you will go or however high you will fly! Please keep a beginner’s mind on the course of pursuing your dream and shouldering your responsibilities. The Alma Mater is always there for you! 

I wish all of you prosperous future and happy life! 

Thank you all!