Graduation Ceremony of BISTU Students in 2018 Successfully Completes

By Sat, 30 Jun 2018 GMT 

Beijing, 29th June 2018, BISTU— As time goes along, on campus resounds graduation song. Graduation Ceremony and Degree Awarding Ceremony for BISTU students in 2018 successfully completes on Xiaoying Campus to celebrate successful completion of studies. This summer sees graduation of 405 postgraduate students, 1,909 undergraduate students and 6 international students who are embarking on a new life journey. The ceremony, hosted by Vice President Chen Gang, is attended by all BISTU senior administrators, members of CPC BISTU Standing Committee, all deans of schools, directors of relating divisions, and representatives of faculties and students. 

To set up role models and carry on the spirit of BISTU motto, the University selects “Top Ten Pioneers of Students” out of all graduating students. Wang Chuanliang, Secretary General of CPC BISTU Committee, grants certifications to the students who have won this honor. 

President Wang Yongsheng addresses to the Ceremony. Recalling outstanding achievements and performances of the University and students, Wang Yongsheng says these are honors shared by all faculties and students. Stories of students and the spirit students show in their experience are just reflection of “Diligence in learning and honor for life”, motto of BISTU. Eye-controlled smart wheelchair, co-developed by Lv Mengyao, has won a first prize in “Internet Plus College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest” and a bronze medal in national contest. Zhang Yu has three software copyrights approved, one easy published with EI index, and mobile internet engineer certification accredited. Huang Meixia follows supervisors in poverty alleviation in remote provinces. All these are outstanding examples for all students to follow, to innovate and to fight for dreams. Preeminent alumni are models for this generation of graduates, such as Prof. Yang Tianxing who has contributed to research of the first mainframe computer of China, Ph.D. Supervisor Xu Ying who is called goddess of COMPASS, and Wang Ning who is the founder of Keep and a pioneer of entrepreneurship of graduating students. Wang Yongsheng encourages all students bring their love of the country, professional knowledge and diligence in work into full play and contribute to national strategies like “Made in China 2025” and mass entrepreneurship and innovation.  

Wang Yongsheng points out that China is in a rejuvenation period of coming closer to the center of global stage. “I sincerely wish that you realize your dream in a bigger world and become contributors to ‘two centenary goals’.” Wang Yongsheng hopes that graduating students shall firstly be diligent, honest, and courageous in shouldering responsibilities. He says that dream shall never be left forgotten, no matter how busy our life could be. On the journey of hardship and happiness, there is always a hope, i.e., poems and dreams. It is necessary to keep beginners’ mind and to march fearlessly forward! 

Vice President Xu Baojie announces the decision on graduation of students. Vice President Wang Xiuyan announces the decision of BISTU on granting awards to outstanding graduates and students who have chosen to work in Xizang. All BISTU senior administrators present certifications to outstanding graduates and to-work-in-Xizang students. 

To pay tribune and gratitude to teachers, BISTU Students’ Union and Postgraduate Students’ Union hold theme activity “love my teacher”, which finally selects ten “my favorite teachers” with students’ votes. The ten teachers offer their sincere wishes to graduating students who also present flowers as gift of thanks to the teachers. 

On behalf of all graduating students, Li Chengxiang, Head of BISTU Calligraphy Association and a student from School of Automation, presents the calligraphy work “Teaching is Spring, Alma Mater is in heart forever” to show their love and reluctance to part with BISTU. On behalf of BISTU, Wang Chuanliang and Wang Yongsheng accept the gift. 

Four representatives of graduating students, with their poetry reading, express their deep love of and high reluctance in parting with the University. They are now saying goodbye to alma mater and are ready for a new journey. “Good bye to the Ivory Tower; Into a broader world; In a place farther than the oceans; higher than all skies; We are to have our dreams realized!” 

Vice President Liu Xiaoyi presents the flag of Alumni Association to the 2018 session alumni association. Wang Chuanliang and Wang Yongsheng present alumni badges for representatives of graduating students. 

Wang Chuanliang and Wang Yongsheng respectively grant degree certificates to students. 

And then Graduation Ceremony and Degree Awarding Ceremony for BISTU students in 2018 successfully completes with the song Ode to Motherland. Graduation ceremonies for various schools of BISTU will respectively be held in following days.