BISTU Holds Discussion on Establishment of Academic Cluster Research Projects

By Sat, 19 May 2018 GMT

Beijing, 18th May 2018 (BISTU)— President Wang Yongsheng hosts discussion on establishment of academic cluster research projects at Xiaoying Campus attended by Executive Vice Dean Wang Junzheng of Postgraduate School of Beijing Institute of Technology, Vice Dean Zhang Wei of Postgraduate School of Tsinghua University, Vice Dean Zhang Juan of Postgraduate School of University of Science and Technology Beijing,Vice Dean Pei Junfu of Postgraduate School of Beijing University of Technology, and faculties of BISTU organizing committee of doctoral programs.

On the meeting, professors respond to inquiries raised by experts, i.e., “Cycle economy and knowledge management in the framework of big data” by Prof. Ge Xinquan, “Advanced high-precision instruments and smart manufacturing” by Prof. Zhu Lianqing, and “New generation Information technology and control” by Prof. Su Zhong.

Experts, based on reports and on-site defense, conduct consideration meeting on all academic cluster research projects in respect of general information, research planning, and research objectives and raise valuable suggestions.

Academic cluster is an important category of BISTU construction of general plan for discipline construction 2018-2020 project. It centers on three academic clusters, i.e., “Cycle economy and knowledge management in the framework of big data”, “Advanced high-precision instruments and smart manufacturing”,  and “New generation Information technology and control”. It is aimed at serving strategic position planning of Beijing, focusing on advanced high-precision industries with municipal support, converging discipline and team building resources, strengthening discipline coordination and innovation, actively connecting to latest technology demand of international academic frontier and relating industries, and laying foundation for construction of municipal advanced high-precision disciplines and future approval of BISTU doctoral programs.  

Following establishment of the three research projects for academic clusters, BISTU will make necessary revision based on suggestions of experts and conduct a three-year term construction for the projects.