Wang Chuanliang Attends Theme Discussion of Students’ Youth League

By Fri, 04 May 2018 GMT

Beijing, 3rd May 2018 (BISTU)—Theme Discussion of Students’ Youth League of Audition 1601 Class students, held on the eve of May Fourth Youth Day, is characterized with beautiful sunshine, green grass, aura of books, smiling young faces, and ardent wishes.

On the early morning of May 3rd, Chairman Wang Chuanliang of University Council and Vice President Wang Xiuyan have arrived at West Garden of Xiaoying Campus to attend the Theme Discussion of Students’ Youth League of Audition 1601 Class students. The discussion is aimed at learning of the spirit of President Xi Jinping’s keynote speech delivered on his observation tour to Peking University and to explore how current university students should shoulder their responsibilities and seek their dreams.  

On the Theme Day, five students deliver their speeches on dream and responsibilities. Ma Er Fu Ha from Xinjiang, though attending inland schools as a child, experiences rapid development of economy and culture in Xinjiang. She says that BISTU has offered a lot and her dream is to serve Xinjiang with what she will learn. Zhu Hongxiang shares the experience of conducting volunteering activities and the comprehension of growth in the course of serving others and the society. Liu Lina tells a story of her feelings on efforts that BISTU has paid for development of spatial environment and students services. And the Theme Discussion also gives a display of calligraphy work of Li Yiwei on “give enough room to individuals, share advantage”.

Wang Chuanliang points out that “give enough room to individuals, share advantage” emphasizes understanding and appreciation of the beauty created on one’s own and harmonious cohabitation of different beauties. On such a basis, we shall continue to “be happy for others’ achievement and help each other”, i.e., we shall be inclusive of beauty created by others and support others in creation of beauty. Wang Chuanliang tells students that such ideas reflect diversity, inclusiveness, and openness of Chinese traditional culture. Cultural self-confidence is the most deeply-rooted, the most fundamental, and the most long-lasting power of national development. With profound Chinese culture, the great rejuvenation of Chinese nation has sustainable power sources. Students of the day shall be firm in cultural self-confidence and be good at learning from traditional fine culture. It is very necessary for all students to seriously learn the spirit of President Xi Jinping’s keynote speech delivered on his observation tour to Peking University. Students are expected to become builders and successors of socialist course, who will be loyal to the nation and the people, ambitious, progressive, professional, and academic with integrity and dream as well as the courage to make it happen.  

Wang Chuanliang and Wang Xiuyan also send students books and bookmarks as gifts and write down their best wishes for students. He hopes that students will consolidate their beliefs, mount professional peaks, enhance overall qualities, pursue moral values, and build better brighter life. Wang Xiuyan sends her best wishes to students that they will be academically competent with strong willpower and realize their values in the society.    

Surrounded by beautiful lilac trees, all youth members there extend sincere gratitude to teachers and the University. They have prepared carefully-chosen gifts for the University---a hand-made model of new campus and a wish-bottle with all their dreams and best wishes--- and present them to Wang Chuanliang and Wang Xiuyan .  

In last month, Youth League Branch Committee of Audition 1601 Class just won the honor of Branch Committee of Vitality. The Theme Discussion activity is also attended by BISTU Youth League Committee and faculties of School of Information Management.