Learning President Xi Jinping’s Speech on Peking University

By Fri, 04 May 2018 GMT

Beijing, 3rd May 2018 (BISTU)— BISTU holds seminar on learning of President Xi Jinping’s keynote speech delivered on his observation tour to Peking University. The seminar is attended by Chairman of University Council Wang Chuanliang, Vice President Wang Xiuyan, Director Lu Lei of Organization Department and standing member of CPC BISTU Committee, and all youth tutors of the University and is hosted by Jia Bin, Director of BISTU Youth League Committee.  

Following his positive comment on youth tutors for their learning of President Xi Jinping’s keynote speech delivered on his observation tour to Peking University, Wang Chuanliang says that all young faculties and youth tutors have understood and fully explored the idea of five environments constructions as well as BISTU 2020 development objectives. He then reviews the role of young generations in national liberation, national prosperity and history advancement, covering the time span from May Fourth Youth Movement, growth of Marxism in China, and birth of Chinese Communist Party. He raises thoughts on how to build universities with Chinese socialist characteristics, generalizes achievements of promoting construction of five environments, analyzes social background of BISTU’s three-step development strategy, and explains features of current young students as well as solutions to new problems of students within the New Normal. He particularly requires that all youth tutors and faculties and staff working for youth issues should:  

Firstly be brave to shoulder social responsibilities and historical missions. He emphasizes that upon entering the New Era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, China is coming closer to the center of world stage. The New Era imposes new requests upon higher education. And thus BISTU designs Three-step development strategy and regulates major objectives to be achieved by 2020. Development of the times and the University requires all young people to shoulder their social responsibilities and historical missions. They shall combine their personal dreams with development of the society and the University. Therefore their dreams would come true in the course of contributing to the nation, the society and the University.  

Secondly comprehensively enhance their individual competence. Wang Chuanliang stresses that youth tutors have great influence upon students. They shall fully understand the importance of their roles in education. And it is time that they comprehensively enhance overall competence in all aspects and become “politically firm, professionally leading, comprehensively developed, professionally inclusive, and symbol of diligence and honor”. Then they could achieve metamorphosis and become even better tutors for students.  

And thirdly hold onto the student-centered orientation as regulated by University Council. BISTU constructs the value orientation for students that they are to “consolidate beliefs, mount professional peaks, enhance overall qualities, pursue moral values, and build better brighter life”. All youth tutors shall be selfless, responsible and kind to help and support students so as to implement requirements raised by University Council upon the work with students.  

Wang Chuanliang requests that all shall learn and fully understand the spirit of President Xi Jinping’s keynote speech delivered on his observation tour to Peking University. All shall be loyal to our motherland and the people and strive to mount academic peaks. With combination of practice and theory, humanity and science, and knowledge and action, we shall be able to build up unique, better learning atmosphere and produce better service for students.  

Learning of President Xi Jinping’s keynote speech delivered on his observation tour to Peking University is conducted by youth tutors and faculties and staff working for students issues from BISTU Youth League Committee, School of Opto-electromechanical Engineering, School of Computer Science, School of Information Management, School of Foreign Studies, and Postgraduate Association. The young people at college are on a crucial stage of forming their value judgment and the role of tutors is to carefully place their very first step towards future life. Students then would form sound, comprehensive value judgment. Says Ms. Zhang Xiaoying, faculty of School of Foreign Studies. Tang Bin from School of Information Management comments that President Xi has imposed requirements upon young generation. As a tutor and director of a Youth League Committee branch, he feels obliged to pass onto students information and knowledge of macro-situation of the nation and top design of the University. Then the University could nurture more students with ambitions and dreams who dare to shoulder responsibilities.  

On the seminar Wang Chuanliang and Wang Xiuyan present books and bookmarks as gifts to youth tutors and faculties and staff working for students issues.  

The seminar is also attended by directors of General Administration Office, Department of Publicity, Human Resources Office, Students Affaires Office, etc.