Zhongxiang Aviation Industry Visits BISTU

By Fri, 20 Apr 2018 GMT

Beijing, 20th April, 2018 (BISTU)— Delegation of Zhongxiang Aviation Industry, headed by CEO Zhang Xin, visits BISTU for campus recruitment and school-enterprise cooperation. The delegation members include Chief Representative Shang Xianfang, COO Zou Dengxiang, Board Secretary Dong Qianheng, HR Director Xiong Peixun, and Deputy Director Wang Zhe of Marketing. BISTU Chairman Wang Chuanliang meets and talks with the delegation.   


Following warm welcome to the delegation, Wang Chuanliang points out that the most important issue of students’ wellbeing is employment. It is also an issue attracting attention from the Party and Central Government. Enhancement of school-enterprise cooperation serves as an important means to enable university students to find quality jobs. It is hoped that the cooperation between BISTU and Zhongxiang Aviation Industry could establish mutual understanding and mutual trust between each other so as to lay solid foundation for future long-lasting cooperation.  


CEO Zhang Xin extends thanks to warm reception of BISTU and speaks highly of the academic achievements that BISTU has made in education and academic research. He introduces the diversified ownership, major businesses, technological teams, and development prospectus of Zhongxiang Aviation Industry. BISTU graduates are comprehensively qualified with strong technological competence. They are the talents of applied learning who can totally meet the demand of industries. It is expected that Zhongxiang Aviation Industry could work together with BISTU in talent introduction and technology development in the long run. Says Zhang Xin.  


After the meeting a recruitment fair is specially organized for Zhongxiang Aviation Industry, attended by 26 BISTU graduating students recommended by School of Automation, School of Information & Communication Engineering, School of Economics and Management, School of Media & Public Administration, and School of Foreign Studies. In the end 8 students successfully enter reexamination of recruitment.  

Zhongxiang Aviation Industry is a company of diversified ownership, i.e., Avic Trust Co.,LTD as the largest shareholder and private-owned enterprises as shareholders, with 100 million Yuan registered capital. The Company focuses on development and sales of aviation security equipment, aviation logistics, and aviation investment. It is the leading company serving introduction, installation, and maintenance of FOC equipment in major airports of China.