Nanyang Institute of Technology Delegation Visits BISTU

By Thu, 19 Apr 2018 GMT

Beijing, 18th April 2018 (BISTU)— Nayang Institute of Technology (NYIT) delegation, headed by Chairman of Institute Council Xing Yong and Vice Chairman Qin Peng, visits BISTU for observation and discussion of selection and appointment of division directors, team building, academic development of postgraduate programs, and student exchange. BISTU Chairman of University Council Wang Chuanliang and President Wang Yongsheng, together with Vice Presidents Liu Xiaoyi and Chen Gang as well as Lu Lei, member of standing committee of BISTU Committee of CPC and Director of Organization.

On behalf of BISTU, Wang Chuanliang warmly welcome NYIT delegation and introduces history, education features, team building and current progress of BISTU. Wang Chuanliang says that the past 80 years of development had built up distinct information feature of BISTU as the only University among its municipally supervises peers who owns the most complete academic fields in information technology and who has established new programs in big data technology and robotic engineering. BISTU focuses on information technology and strives for excellence in other areas such as smart manufacturing and national defense. It has won five national level Second Prizes. Currently, the University has confirmed the strategy of construction of five environments and clarified the School running orientation that BISTU will become an information-featured world-known, National leading University which is rooted in Beijing, covers the whole nation, and serves construction of Beijing as four centers and coordinated Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei development.

Xing Yong extends thanks for the warm reception and offers an introduction to NYIT including development history, disciplinary features, cooperation, and team building. He says that BISTU has achieved substantial progress in almost all aspects from which NYIT has a lot to learn. He hopes that the two institutions will explore more channels of exchange and communications for mutual benefits in respect of team building, education, construction of postgraduate programs, etc.  

Following a BISTU movie, Liu Xiaoyi introduces BISTU’s work in Party building of grassroots organizations and other relating issues. The two institutions exchange and communicate actively on team building and postgraduate programs development. Both institutions agree that more opportunities and platforms of exchange and cooperation shall be explored so as to contribute more to development of higher education in China.  

Accompanied by Liu Ciaoyi, Chen Gang and Lu Lei, the delegation members also visit innovation and entrepreneurship base for college students based in international land of advanced photo electronic technology.

Cooperative Agreement on Higher Education, signed in August 2016 by Beijing Municipal Educational Commission and Henan Provincial Department of Education, advocates that universities of Beijing shall conduct all around collaboration with Henan counterparts in the form of one-to-one for development of higher education. In June 2017 BISTU and NYIT, with support of supervising Commissions, conduct all around comprehensive cooperation in respect of team building, academic exchange, coordinated innovation, etc.