Wang Chuanliang Conducts Peer Teaching Observation

By Thu, 08 Mar 2018 GMT

Beijing, 7th March, 2018 (BISTU)— Beginning of the new semester welcomes Wang Chuanliang, Chairman of BISTU University Council, to peer teaching observation of Digital Marketing at Classroom E32 of Xiaoying Campus.

Wang Chuanliang carefully takes notes of the teaching and observes students while understanding the teaching content, teaching methodology, effectiveness, teacher’s preparation, and class management. After the class, he exchanges some thoughts with Liu Qingzhen, lecturer of the module, and produces some suggestions on how to further optimize teaching and enhance in-class interaction. He specially emphasizes that lecturers of specialty modules also shall bear “political awareness” in mind, i.e., specialty modules shall be organically connected to political education.

It is a BISTU feature practice that senior administrators and division directors/ deans shall conduct peer observation. And it is an important way to learn more about students’ learning and teachers’ teaching. Therefore it plays a vital role in regulating teaching, improving teachers’ competences, and improving teaching quality.