BISTU Student Briefing Successfully Conclude

By Fri, 31 Mar 2017 GMT

Beijing, 29th March, 2017 (BISTU)--- Xiaoying Campus of BISTU witnesses successful completion of BISTU Student Briefing aimed at strengthening communication, understanding, and information exchange between students and university divisions. The Briefing is attended by Vice President Wang Xiuyan and directors of a series of BISTU divisions, such as Academic Affairs Office, Postgraduate School, Division for Postgraduate Affairs, Financial Office, Students’ Affairs Office, Admissions and Career Consultation Office, International Cooperation Department, Office for Logistics Management, University Library, University Youth League Committee, etc., and it is hosted by Mao Zetian, Chairman of Postgraduate Student’s’ Union.    

BISTU Students’ Union Chairman Chen Xiaoxuan delivers a report on Students Rights and Responsibilities and points out that students’ rights and interests have been a major concern of Students’ Union. In 2016, altogether over 120 suggestions and advices have been collected in respect of class teaching, logistic management, infrastructure construction, campus culture, etc. Most of these suggestions have been effectively sorted out and students’ rights have been better protected.    

Directors of different divisions inform the students on practices, policies, and achievements that they have made in serving students. Deputy Director Yan Jian of Academic Affairs Office says that the year 2016 sees launching of teaching service center and registration center, platforms on overseas field practice, and related work on enhancing students’ global horizon and practical innovative competence. Vice Dean Peng Shuhua answers question of students’ concern on teaching management system and introduces recruitment, defense of thesis, registration and teaching management. Director Xie Xinwei of Financial Office informs students on 2016 funding, reclaiming improvement, medical care, in-school internship, and quality service. Director Guo Yinhui of Office for Student Affairs introduces related work on ideological education, students’ learning, award for excellence, training of students’ representatives, campus culture, psychological health, financial aid for students with financial difficulties, etc. Director Lu Jing of International Cooperation Department explains international cooperation, introduction of foreign experts, students studying abroad, university international exchange and communication (inclusive of communication and exchange with universities in Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan areas). Director Zhao Lisheng of Logistics Management covers everyday life of students in his report, including students’ halls management, on-campus business, logistics service, canteen, university hospital, etc. Chief Librarian Teng Gongqing introduces general information of University library as well as construction and services in the library.   

In the question and answer section, students and directors conduct effective communication on areas of interests and directors all have made satisfactory responses to students.  

On behalf of the university, Wang Xiuyan extends thanks to all students for their invaluable suggestions and advices. She also positively confirms achievements and efforts that all divisions have made to protect students’ rights. She points out that ideological education shall be conducted through teaching. Led by BISTU “Five environments construction” and guided by central government, the University will actively push forward working on 13th Five-Year Plan. It is expected that all divisions further strengthen communication with students so as to continuously enhance quality and content of service provided. It is also hoped that BISTU faculties and students actively produce suggestions and advices for making more contributions to extraordinary-development of BISTU.