Xu Baojie Meet with UWP Vice President Robert Ducoffe

By Thu, 30 Mar 2017 GMT

Beijing, 29th March, 2017 (BISTU)--- University of Wisconsin – Parkside (UWP) delegation, led by Vice President Robert Ducoffe, visit BISTU and exchange and communicate with BISTU Vice President Xu Baojie on research cooperation, students’ entrepreneurial choices, and AACSB accreditation.  


Following his warm welcome, Xu Baojie says that UWP is a long established friend as well as one of the closest partners of BISTU. Cooperation with UWP is a substantial part in educational internationalization and it has achieved remarkable progress. It is expected that the two institutions, based on current achievements, expand channels of cooperation and strengthen collaboration in other fields like academic research and innovation, which will for sure benefit students and faculties of both institutions.  


 Robert Ducoffe forwards greetings from President Deborah Ford and offers an introduction to UWP. He says that UWP attaches great importance to friendship with BISTU, which is not only in a verbal form but represented by a series of activities. For example, under the context that Wisconsin State government has cut down the funding with public universities, UWP still decides that scholarship for BISTU students shall be prepared. And BISTU students, based on their merit of education, enjoy favorable conditions in admittance, such as waived-off TOEFL or IELTS, no GMAT for students whose GPA is 3.2 or higher, in-school internship reserved for BISTU students, conveniences offered to BISTU students on campus, etc. Robert Ducoffe also introduces the practices and experiences of UWP students in innovation and entrepreneurial choices.  

With regard to BISTU AACSB accreditation issue, Robert Ducoffe expresses that he would like to offer his suggestions as he was one of the board members of AACSB. He suggests that BISTU focus on quality and influence, i.e., enhancing teaching quality, quality of faculties, and quality of graduates; strengthening connections with society and industries so as to impose influence upon social and economic development.    

Dean Ge Xinquan of School of Economics and Management and Dean Li Chen of School of Information Management respectively introduce their school and intentions of future cooperation. Both institutions exchange ideas on teaching and research cooperation in the field of quality management, brand management, circular economy, green development, big data, etc.  


Following the meeting, UWP delegation also holds a seminar on studying with UWP for faculties and students of School of Economics and Management and School of Information Management.  Robert Ducoffe emphasizes the importance of studying abroad with his person case of being born in Canada. UWP International Education Supervisor Wang Zhemin and International Recruitment Supervisor Karen Wislocky respectively introduce BISTU-UWP programs, requirements, and helps offered by both institutions.