BISTU-TI Innovation Lab Officially Launched

By Tue, 21 Mar 2017 GMT

Beijing, 20th March, 2017 (BISTU)--- Opening ceremony of BISTU-TI Innovation Lab and Robot Embedded Control Lab of BISTU School of Automation welcomes Wang Qin, engineering of University Program of Texas Instruments (TI), BISTU VP Xu Baojie, administration of School of Automation, and relating faculties. Vice Dean Chen Wenbai of School of Automation hosts the ceremony.


Xu Baojie extends warmest congratulations to establishment of the innovation lab and thanks to TI’s generous support with education. He expresses that BISTU has attached great importance to innovative, practical competence of students and has done a lot in respect of reform on educational model and field practice. It is hoped that construction of joint lab should become an effective pathway to successful university-enterprise cooperation so that students’ competence in scientific innovation could be further enhanced by means of various forms of cooperation, such as science and technology contest.    

Wang Qin introduces history of TI and its cooperation with Chinese universities. Initiated in 1996, TI Chinese University Program is dedicated to support innovative talents with the industry’s most advanced technology. A new round of ten-year strategic memorandum of cooperation signed with Ministry of Education of China in 2016 symbolizes news moves in supporting, promoting, and implementing innovation and entrepreneurship education in universities. Wang Qin expresses that both institutions hope to make new breakthroughs in technological communication and education.  

Dean Wang Jiuhe of School of Automation offers an introduction to the school as well as substantial achievements in the field of robot innovative practice. He says that the School is happy to promote university-enterprise education, which helps greatly in educating quality, innovative students who could meet social demands.

Xu Baojie and Wang Qin jointly unveil BISTU-TI Innovation Lab, and Wang Jiuhe and Wang Qin jointly opens Robot Embedded Control Lab of BISTU School of Automation. Following the ceremony, Wang Qin also delivers a feature report on Innovative Practice of Embedded Controller.