Deputy Director-General Liu Lianjun of National Postdoctoral Commission Visit BISTU

By Thu, 09 Mar 2017 GMT 

Beijing, 8th March, 2017 (BISTU)--- Xiaoying Campus of BISTU welcomes distinguished guests led by Deputy Director-General Liu Lianjun of National Postdoctoral Commission. President Wang Yongsheng hosts the talks, accompanied by directors and deans of Office for Scientific Research, Postgraduate School, and Human Resources Office.

On behalf of BISTU, Wang Yongsheng extends thanks to Liu Lianjun for his support and guidance. He offers a detailed introduction to BISTU, including basic information, status quo, current progress, and future planning. Particularly Wang Yongsheng explains current progress of BISTU academic research and featured education as well as commercialization of research and planning for establishment of postdoctoral centers. He expresses that postdoctoral centers would help nurture and introduce high-end science and technology talents which could greatly promote the level of education, research, social service, and innovation and cultural continuity. And finally these would serve the great goal of BISTU transiting from a teaching oriented university to a teaching and research oriented one.  

Deputy Director Zhong Ling of Office for Scientific Research informs the guests with progress of construction of BISTU High-end Information Industry Technology Institute--- one of BISTU holdings which have been approved by Zhongguancun. The Institute has become a bridge connecting service provide for industries and commercialization of BISTU academic research. Based on BISTU academic strengths and features, the Institute conducts fruitful and successful commercialization and offers effective services and thus produces powerful support with construction of Beijing as a “science and technology innovation center”, coordinated development of Berijing-Tianjin-Hebei, and other civilian areas. The Institute is planning to submit application for establishing a postdoctoral center at BISTU.


Liu Lianjun reviews the report and learns more about development of the Institute. And he enquires the details on academic research achievements, relating commercialization, and service and conditions that BISTU provides with the Institute. He positively confirms the effort and achievements that the Institute has made, the timing and opportunity that BISTU has arranged and seized, and the academic strengths of BISTU in mechanics and information area. And he proposes valuable suggestions and advice for application for a postdoctoral center and relating issues.