BISTU Welcomes Delegation of SAFEA and BMBFEA

By Tue, 07 Mar 2017 GMT

Beijing, 7h March, 2017 (BISTU)--- BISTU welcomes delegation of foreign experts affairs led by Zhou Changkui, Deputy Director General of State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs (SAFEA) and Li Shuiping, Deputy Director of Beijing Municipal Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs (BMBFEA). The delegation is conducting a survey on introduction of talents in higher educational institutions. BISTU faculties led by President Wang Yongsheng and Vice Presidents Han Qiushi and Xu Baojie meet and talk with the delegation, accompanied by directors of General Administration Office, Office for Scientific Research, Human Resources Office, International Cooperation Department, and School of Instrumentation Science and Opto-electronics Engineering.

Wang Yongsheng extends welcome to the delegation and expresses thanks to SAFEA and BMBFEA for their long established generous support. Following introduction to BISTU on basic information, educational features, progress of research, disciplines, faculties and staff, and internationalization, Wang Yongsheng displays BISTU’s achievements in introduction of international talents, platform construction, and fruits of academic cooperation. He sincerely hopes that more support would be granted by SAFEA and BMBFEA in respect of high-end talents introduction, recommendation of cooperative projects with world leading universities, faculty abroad training, etc.

Dean Dong Mingli of School of Instrumentation Science and Opto-electronics Engineering introduces basic information, achievements, and future planning of Beijing municipal base for international science and technology cooperation in the field of advanced opto-electronic devices and system. With support of SAFEA and BMBFEA, BISTU team of device science and technology has established close links with experts from world famous universities such as University of Cambridge, University of Manchester, and Boston University, Brown University, Nanyang Technological University, etc. Effective cooperation has been conducted in respect of the demand of optical fiber sensors and devices, full-field optical measurement, and opto-electronic biological sensors in high-end, smart manufacturing industries. From 2014 to 2016, scores of international experts have been invited, with the support of key talent introduction project “modern optical measurement devices and sensors technology”, to conduct long term or short term academic exchange at BISTU, which lays solid foundation for further research. And following guidance of SAFEA and BMBFEA, BISTU has submitted application for “innovative talent introduction plan in universities” (111 plan).

Cheng Jingang, Director of BMBFEA, produces positive comments on BISTU’s achievements in the past years in the area of talent introduction and international cooperation. He believes that BISTU senior administration has attached great importance to international cooperation and talent introduction, built up a very strong team, and managed each project effectively and efficiently. BMBFEA will continue to support BISTU in applying 111 plan.

Zhou Changkui speaks highly of educational feature, talent introduction and internationalization of BISTU and points out that the world is witnessing very fierce competition on talents. The state has increasingly enhanced funding in education and viewed educational opening-up as a substantial move in promotion of national teaching reform. With regard to introduction of talents into Chinese universities, China has a rising strength among global counterparts. Currently, development of universities requires expansion of international cooperation and introduction of high end talents. It is hoped that Chinese university attach enough importance to introduction of high end, elite, advance talents, construction of international joint labs, building up internationalized educational atmosphere, and exploring more pathways to successful international cooperation. SAFEA expects to work closer with BISTU to seize opportunities, promote the work in talent introduction, and enhance educational internationalization at BISTU.

After discussion on issues relating to talent introduction, the delegation members, accompanied by BISTU faculties, paid a visit to Beijing municipal base for international science and technology cooperation located in Longgang Road.