BISTU Students International Exchange Awareness Month Commences

By Mon, 06 Mar 2017 GMT

Beijing, 1st March, 2017 (BISTU)--- Opening ceremony of BISTU Students International Exchange Awareness Month commences on 1st March 2017 in Xiaoying Campus. The Ceremony is attended by Vice President Xu Baojie and Director of Academic Affairs Office Wang Xingfen and hosted by Dr. Lu Jing, Director of International Cooperation Department.


After announcing opening of the ceremony, Xu Baojie in his address says that it remains a vital goal of BISTU to train and educate students with international horizons. And it is always a key pathway in BISTU education that international exchange and cooperation shall be further strengthened. The Awareness Month not only displays achievements that International Cooperation Department has made in past years but also offers new channels for students to participate in international exchanges. President Xi Jinping says, when attending World Economic Forum (Davos Forum), that solutions to various world problems need internationalization. Globalization is an irreversible process and the competence of international communication is one of the substantial qualities with which a talent shall be equipped. Says Xu Baojie. He hopes that students would locate their right channels of international exchange during the Awareness Month.


Wang Xingfen expresses that relating centers of Academic Affairs Office will provide all-around consultancy and service for students in respect of credit transfer and other issues. She also encourages students to go abroad during the four years in college to better prepare themselves for further learning or job hunting. In the new semester, the University will offer greater financial support for excellent students.  

Lu Jing introduces feature programs of BISTU, both short-term, long term, as well as information of BISTU’s global partners. She points out that during the 13th Five Year Plan, the International Cooperation Department will continue to build up more exchange platforms for students participating in international exchanges. Especially the Department will offers more opportunities for students to exchange in world leading institutions so as to contribute to quality of education at BISTU.  

Staff members from the Department introduce in detail the specific requirements of various programs and produce answers to parents who are present at the ceremony. March of each year has been assigned as the Awareness Month of international exchange programs by International Cooperation Department since 2016. During the Month, a series of publicity events are prepared, such as feature seminars, internet and new media promotions, campus LEDs, campus show windows, live consultation, etc. During the 2017 Awareness Month, the Department will also invite representatives of international partners to conduct live shows in campus of BISTU.