BISTU Delegation Headed by Wang Yongsheng Visits Ministry of Education and Beijing Municipal Education Commission

By Mon, 06 May 2019 GMT

Beijing, 6th May, 2019, (BISTU)— BISTU delegation headed by President Wang Yongsheng visits Ministry of Education and Beijing Municipal Education Commission for exchange and communication on academic development of the University on 5th May 2019.  

Delegation of Postgraduate School of BISTU headed by President Wang Yongsheng visits Postgraduate Affairs Department of Ministry of Education and holds talks with Hong Dayong, Deputy Director General of Office for Academic Degree Commission of the State Council and Director General of Postgraduate Affairs Department of Ministry of Education and Director Luan Zongtao of Academic Degree Management of the Department.  


Following his introduction to basic information of BISTU and postgraduate education, Wang Yongsheng stresses that the University has attached great importance to academic discipline construction and postgraduate education. During the 13th Five-Year Plan, the University, guided by academic discipline construction, optimizes top level design, actively caters to demand of the nation, Beijing and industries, actively adjusts academic disciplinary structure, and offers effective support with supernormal, big-stride development of the University. Wang Yongsheng hopes that more support and care would be offered by Office for Academic Degree Commission of the State Council and Postgraduate Affairs Department of Ministry of Education. BISTU will continue to focus on development of Beijing as our Capital city and nurture first-class talents and offer first-class service for modernization of Beijing and of the country.  

Hong Dayong gives acclaims to BISTU practice and historical achievements. He points out that universities must broaden their horizon and think of their academic discipline construction from the perspective of the nation. Features of the universities shall be highlighted so as to focus on demand of Beijing as Capital City and to achieve differentiated development. It is also necessary to find proper positioning for the universities and actively adjust academic disciplinary structure so as to enhance disciplines with strengths.  

Luan Zongtao introduces guidelines for doctoral programs around the countries to be approved in 2020 and produces suggestions for BISTU on how to effectively make sufficient preparations.  

On the afternoon of 5th May, BISTU delegation, composed of directors of General Administration Office, Academic Affairs Office, Office for Scientific Research and Postgraduate School and headed by President Wang Yongsheng, visits Beijing Municipal Education Commission and holds talks with Deputy Director General Ye Maolin, Deputy Director General Zhao Haixing, Deputy Director General Ge Juzhong, Director Liu Xiao of Higher Education Department, Director Liu Xinjun of Students Affairs Department, Director Li Shanting of Science and Technology and Postgraduate Affairs Department, and Director Zhang Xianguo of Education Informatization Department.  


Firstly, Wang Yongsheng delivers a report on latest progress of the University, with emphasis on achievements of the University in party building, ideological education, talent cultivation, academic research and academic discipline construction. Wang Yongsheng stresses that CPC BISTU Committee attaches great importance to party building and ideological education and puts political construction of the Party on a prime position to highlight the central role of talent cultivation. The University aims to build a high level university with distinctive features in information technology. With regard to talent cultivation, the University has organized four successive annual meetings on undergraduate teaching and the meeting this year is themed on Undergraduate Education as the Foundation: Actively Planning and Promoting Class Teaching Reform to Comprehensively Improve Quality of Talent Cultivation”. Our main mission is to summarize our past achievements, offer an in-depth analysis on undergraduate teaching, and raise new requests on undergraduate teaching particularly reform of class teaching. Academic research has also developed very rapidly at BISTU. Research funding of the University in 2018 hits a record high, i.e., 178 million RMB Yuan. And the University starts to participate in national key R&D projects. Enhanced investment has been put on doctoral programs and supporting disciplines, with focus on four programs which are competent to be approved as doctoral programs.  

Wang Yongsheng hopes that consecutive support from Beijing Municipal Education Commission would play a major role in development of BISTU and the University is determined to make greater contributions to social economic development of Beijing.  

Ye Maolin, Zhao Haixing and Ge Juzhong pay acclaims to achievements that BISTU has made in past years and positively confirm the measures of BISTU in ideological education, consensus building, academic positioning, and featured development. And they produce valuable suggestions on how to get doctoral programs approved, how to complete construction of the New Campus, and how to achieve more in academic research. They express that more support will be offered by Beijing Municipal Education Commission for BISTU’s talent cultivation, academic research and academic discipline construction.