2019 New Year Address: Pay tribute to reform and opening up in a New Era with Outstanding Achievements

By Tue, 01 Jan 2019 GMT

Beijing, 29th December, 2018, (BISTU)— Time and tides witness constant progress of life. We are ushering in the year of 2019, a year full of hope, as we wave goodbye to 2018, a year full of wonderful memories. On this exciting moment, on behalf of Beijing Information Science and Technology University, we would like to extend our most sincere New Year wishes and pay high tribute to young and vigorous students, dedicated and hard-working faculties and staff, alumni home and abroad who are always with us and offering their support, and friends of all walks of life who care and support development of the University!  


The year 2018 marks the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up. Looking back on 2018, guided by Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, the University has seriously implemented the spirit of national and municipal conferences on education. We have centered on “construction of five environments” and played a significant role---as is proposed by CPC BISTU Committee--- in serving construction of Beijing as “four centers”, coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, and the “Belt and Road” Initiative. With focus on feature in information technology, we have invested efforts in development of relating fields including new generation information technology, smart manufacturing, national defense and military industry, and humanities and social sciences. We have positive attitude and strengthened measures to facilitate construction of BISTU as a high level university with distinctive feature in information technology. And we have left an indelible mark on the 80-odd years of BISTU history.   

Difficulty is the nurse of greatness. We have made significant progress in spatial environment construction. As one of the key missions of Beijing Municipality in 2018, construction of BISTU New Campus has been attached great importance by CPC BISTU Committee. With efforts of all senior administrators and all faculties and staff, we have achieved our goal: resettlement has been basically accomplished; general plan of the New Campus is approved; major buildings have been successfully designed embedded with the idea of smart campus and green building; all governmental procedures progress very smoothly, inclusive of planning, construction, security, and landscape; and a number of buildings have been put in construction. Cultural construction of the New Campus has started and names of major buildings and roads are to be selected among suggestions of all faculties, staff, students, and friends. Currently, all preparations are ready on the construction sites and the New Campus is to be built on due course. In the year 2019, we will break open a way through bramble and thistle to achieve the goal of 2020 and to produce satisfactory responses to our history, to the society and to all faculties, staff and students.    

Facilitating reform and opening up and all issues progressing steadily, we are pushing construction of school-running environment to a new height. The year 2018 sees a series of achievements that BISTU has made: for the first time BISTU becomes a host institution in shouldering state-level key R&D project; Ministerial Level Key Lab in Photo Electronic Test and Detection Technology and Instruments is officially approved by Ministry of Education; Beijing Municipal Base of Knowledge Management Research is selected as an index source for think-tanks of China; as the second-in-line institution; and BISTU has won a second prize in State Technological Invention Award. We are constantly enhancing our innovative competence as well as our capacity in serving the society. The whole university is working closely together, aiming at getting doctoral programs approved. And we have published a general plan for academic disciplinary construction and thus been successfully selected as a potential candidate for doctoral programs to be approved 2018-2020. We are observed by Beijing Municipality in categorized education and have further clarified our orientation of education. And we are sparing no efforts to promote connotation and quality development, featured development, and differentiated development of the University. Meanwhile, the University seeks talent with eagerness and strengthens team building. BISTU Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology is approved for establishing a Post-doctoral Work Station. We have been honored to have a number of new adjunct Academicians, adjunct experts and adjunct professors. Academician Wu Jisong is appointed as a member of “Appraisal Expert Committee for Xiongan New Area” of the State Council. Young faculties and staff show their talent--- being listed in supporting projects of China Association for Science and Technology and municipal talent project, being honored as Great Wall Scholars, and being listed in cultivation projects for young outstanding projects and advanced visiting scholar project of China Scholarship Council. Two BISTU faculties are honored as Beijing Municipal Outstanding Teachers in Innovation in Universities and one team wins support of the Municipality in innovation. The University has recruited 97 faculties with doctoral degree (or post-doctoral experiences) and 21 faculties are promoted as associate professor via BISTU “green passage”. Also in 2018 the University is successfully listed as one of state talent cultivation based for the “Belt and Road Initiative” in Beijing. Centering on the objective of approval of doctoral programs, the University has enhanced support with overseas exchange programs for postgraduate students, which sees sharp increase in number of postgraduate students attending exchange projects. Scale and scope of international exchange and cooperation at BISTU is constantly increasing.    

Salutary influence of education has yielded rich fruits and educating environment witnesses new progress. In the year 2018, the University puts focus on morality in education as a fundamental mission and runs morality module as the very first class for new students. We have set up 50 pilot morality and ideological modules to fully utilize class-teaching as a major channel to secure ideological orientation of all academic modules. We have successfully held commendation conference for Teachers’ Day and teachers’ code of morality and passed special supervision on learning and code of morality conducted by Beijing Municipal Office for Education Supervision. And BISTU passes national evaluation of undergraduate teaching. Achievements with BISTU as the first-place host institution have won awards by Beijing Municipality. Four BISTU professors are elected as members of Teaching Steering Committee of Higher Educational Institutions of Ministry of Education and one professor is awarded Teacher of Preeminence by the 14th Municipal Commission of Teaching in Higher Educational Institutions. The year 2018 also witnesses BISTU students winning 400-odd awards of ministerial or higher level (over 1,100 person/times). Various art associations and societies show their spectacular performances in competitions of national or municipal level. In summer holiday practice BISTU students have achieved outstanding performance, too. And the year 2018 also has witnessed that BISTU starts to admit first-tier high school graduates from 29 provinces of China and in 28 provinces BISTU’s new students are from first-tier graduates of high schools. Employment rate for graduating postgraduate students remains 100% and the rate for graduating undergraduate students reaches 99.19%. In ranking list designed by the third party, BISTU ranks high in salary of graduating students and their competences. We are now showing increasingly evident features in talent cultivation and highlighting the core position of talent cultivation in education.    

Building consensus and thinking of overall situation, we continue to facilitate construction of governance environment. The University firmly implements the spirit of conferences and documents of CPC and CPC Beijing Municipal Committee. Centering on the goal of building a high level university with distinctive feature in information technology, the University actively, steadily and cautiously arrange issues regarding sector adjustment and appointment of directors of divisions. With equal emphasis on morality and capability, the University upholds the principle of justice and fairness and motivates each administrative staff to work hard and to realize their dreams. We are building an environment where all administrative staff members are happy to devote to development of the University. We have published a series of regulations on veto power of teachers’ code of morality, perfected appraisal system for teachers’ code of morality, and completed top-level design for system and long-term effect of teachers’ code of morality. To become a good teacher, one must have lofty ideals, moral sentiments, solid knowledge and a kind heart. We urge all faculties and staff to follow this standard, and constantly improve themselves. The University will pave the way for faculties and staff to participate and to play a more active role in university management. The University will also consolidate achievements in party building, deepen reform on human resources system, promote reform of internal governance, and strengthen construction of modern university system so as to build a sound environment of order, healthy development, justice, and fairness. The University is to offer a stage for each faculty and staff to make devotions and achievements.    

Focusing on the spirit of sharing and inclusiveness, construction of sentiment environment is constantly being improved. The University successfully holds the Second Session of BISTU Congress of Faculties and Union Members, passes acceptance check of “qualified Faculty Lounge” by Beijing Municipal Education Union, holds the second conference for representatives of alumni, actively facilitates competence enhancement plan for students who are financially challenged, and builds a platform of “sharing, working together, and mutual benefit” for Committee of Caring for Younger Generation. We have set up outstanding examples and commended excellent staff members, faculties and students, which has helped form sound atmosphere of “following good examples and put it in practice”. The University responds to request of each faculty, staff, and student and attaches importance to individuals with human and psychological care. It is aimed at build a space for every one of them to bring their strength into full play. Solidarity indicates collective strength and warmth helps build a better home. We have carefully organized the second art and cultural festival and science and technology innovation festival. Faculties and students then gather together for innovation, practice, sharing, exchange, and communication. A campus cultural atmosphere thus is established with feature in “harmony in diversity”, mutual appreciation, and mutual understanding. We firmly hold that it is a must to construct a sentiment environment of honor, diligence, kindness, tolerance, mutual appreciation, team coordination. It will provide mutual help for achieving dreams and it is an environment full of humanistic spirit. At BISTU, each faculty, staff and student who take their life seriously and boldly pursue his/her dreams will be taken seriously and will realize his/her dreams.    

Rejuvenation of great Chinese nation is a relay race! So is construction of a high level university with distinctive feature in information technology! In the year 2019, we, the University and the nation, are all expecting to realize our dreams. It is time that we settle on pragmatic issues, become more diligent and invest more efforts! It is time that we become more self-confident, inclusive, and innovative! Guided by Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, we are to continue to promote “construction of five environments”, focus on education with feature in information technology, enhance our academic research, and attach importance to morality in education. We will further improve cultural quality and taste to seek humanistic soul in an engineering university. And we will spare no efforts to realizing BISTU 2020 goals. The University is to pay tribute to reform and opening up in the New Era with even greater success!    

We sincerely hope that alumni home and abroad and friends of all walks of life continue to care and support development of Beijing Information Science and Technology University.    

We hereby extend our best wishes for the New Year!