Master Design Plan of BISTU New Campus Approved

By Fri, 15 Jun 2018 GMT

Beijing, 14th June 2018 (BISTU)— Government approval of BISTU New Campus’ master design plan, released on 13th June, symbolizes successful completion of general planning of the New Campus and commencement of overall construction in 2018.  

Bidding for general plan of BISTU New Campus, initiated in summer holiday of 2017, finally selects Beijing Urban Construction Design & Development Group Co., Limited as the successful bidder. Based on collection of other design plans and extensive consultation, new master design plan further optimizes spatial layout and functions of the New Campus and has been unanimously passed by the University. In the process of discussion and negotiation, the design plan gradually is fit into general requirement of “construction of five environments”, converges design achievements in respect of environmental protection, transportation efficiency, municipal supplies, and greening requirements.  

Government approval of BISTU New Campus’ master design plan is a key step in the process of New Campus construction. It will play the role of guidance and leader for construction of the New Campus and serve as the foundation for other work in relating fields.