BISTU Holds Meeting for Experts of Undergraduate Level Teaching Appraisal

By Tue, 12 Jun 2018 GMT 

Beijing, 12th June 2018 (BISTU)--- Meeting for Experts of Undergraduate Level Teaching Appraisal successfully completes on Xiaoying Campus of BISTU on 12th June, 2018. Expert commission, headed by Lv Ming, former President of Taiyuan University of Technology, will conduct a five-day evaluation on undergraduate teaching of BISTU. The meeting is hosted by Lv Ming and attended by Deputy Director General Feng Yiguo of Beijing Municipal Education Supervision Office, Director Zhang Xiaoling of Appraisal and Evaluation Department of the Office, Director Long Mei of School Supervision Office of Beijing Municipal Education Supervision Office, BISTU senior administrators, representatives of deans, and representatives of BISTU division directors. 

Lv Ming introduces all 11 experts of the Commission and briefly explains the appraisal. The 11 experts are: Gao Yong, former President of Xi’an Polytechnic University, Feng Xiaoyun, Vice President of Southwest Jiaotong University, Fan Xun, former Vice President for Academic Affairs of China University of Mining and Technology, Li Yadong, Director of Quality Management Office of Tongji University, Sun Hongxiang, Executive Vice Dean of Postgraduate School of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Lu Zhanhui, Executive Vice Dean of Postgraduate School of North China Electric Power University, Chen Liwen, Dean of Undergraduate School of Hebei University of Technology, Zhang Hui, Dean of School of Continuing Education of Hefei University of Technology, Peng Biyu, Dean of School of Economics and Management of South China Normal University, and Zhang Shengbing, Executive Vice Dean of School of Computer Science of Northwestern Polytechnical University. Project officer is Chen Hao from Academic Affairs Office of Beijing Institute of Technology and secretaries are Wang Jun from Beijing Educations Scientific Research Institute and Bai Yixian from Academic Affairs’ Office of North China Electric Power University. 

On behalf of BISTU, Wang Chuanliang, Secretary General of CPC BISTU Committee addresses to the meeting and extends sincere thanks to all experts. He says that it is a new beginning for BISTU development. He briefly introduces the strategic thinking on “construction of five environments”, three-step development goals, and the process of implementing these thinking and goals in practice of the 13th Five-Year Plan. He says that appraisal is a comprehensive evaluation and assessment of teaching and talent cultivation at BISTU as well as an opportunity for BISTU to find problems, make up weaknesses, and promote development. CPC BISTU Committee attaches great importance to the Appraisal and views it as important basis for the University to achieve stride-forward development and goals of “three-step” development. Wang Chuanliang sincerely hopes that all experts could help BISTU in sorting out every detail of undergraduate level teaching so as to promote quality construction of BISTU and push BISTU one further step forward. 

On behalf of Beijing Municipal Education Commission and Beijing Municipal Education Supervision Office, Feng Yiguo extends thanks to all experts for their great support with undergraduate level teaching appraisal at universities supervised by Beijing Municipality. He raises three points for the Appraisal at BISTU: firstly, the University shall attach enough importance to undergraduate level teaching appraisal. He emphasizes that undergraduate level teaching appraisal is an important move of Ministry of Education to meet the new situation of reform and development of higher education. Beijing Municipal Education Commission and Beijing Municipal Education Supervision Office attach high importance to undergraduate level teaching appraisal. He points out that focus on undergraduate level teaching appraisal with municipal supervised universities is the fundamental role of moral education, the core role of talent cultivation, the learner-centered cultivation mode, safeguarding faculty team building, serving regional social economic development, and closed-loop management of undergraduate teaching quality.  

Secondly it is necessary for BISTU to promote quality development with the opportunity of the Appraisal. He points out that BISTU, as a university with key support of Beijing Municipality, upholds distinctive features in information technology, industry of information, and military industry. He hopes that BISTU carefully follows work flow as requested by the Appraisal and requirements proposed by the experts. BISTU shall make sure that all works of experts to be conducted at the University are safeguarded, which would show progress and effectiveness of BISTU’s preparations for undergraduate level teaching appraisal. The Supervision Office will work together with BISTU to provide due support with all experts to make sure the Appraisal is to be done in high quality.  

And thirdly, the final aim shall be enhancement of education level at all universities under supervision of Beijing Municipality. He stresses that new situation and new missions have been set for us, i.e., construction of Beijing as four centers, coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, etc. Municipal supervised universities have a lot to improve in respect of educational ideas and principles, talent cultivation model, regime and mechanism, planning, scale and structure, and quality and features. Undergraduate level teaching appraisal is not only a checkup for teaching quality at higher educational institutions but also a precious opportunities to learn from universities in other provinces. It is hoped that all municipal supervised universities, represented by BISTU, ponder over questions like “what talents we are to cultivate” and “how we will cultivate talents”, enhance overall quality of education, and better serve regional development. It is also hoped that the experts uphold their standards and produce due suggestions for the University. 

President Wang Yongsheng delivers a report titled Upholding Fundamental Role of Moral Education, Highlighting Core Role of Talent Cultivation, Constructing a High-level University with Distinctive Feature in Information Technology. He covers history, top design, education system, and educational feature of BISTU from four aspects, i.e., looking back to the history and starting to develop, continuous optimization of top design and scientific planning on education, strengthening quality construction, and objective-oriented growth model leading to fruitful achievement.  

When looking back to BISTU history, Wang Yongsheng says that the past 80 years have witnessed all hardships that BISTU has overcome in fighting for a bright future and contributing to social advancement, national rejuvenation, industry development, and construction in Beijing. As to continuous optimization of top design and scientific planning on education, Wang Yongsheng expresses that CPC BISTU Committee firmly upholds socialist orientation of education, focuses on moral education, targets at dual-first rate construction, is guided by “construction of five environments”, and clarifies orientation and goals of BISTU education. With regard to strengthening quality construction, Wang Yongsheng emphasizes that BISTU views moral education as the essential task and talent cultivation as the core. The University mobilizes all faculties and staff and utilizes all resources available to perfect cultivation system for quality talents of applied learning. And we focus on quality and feature of education. He introduces BISTU talent cultivation system, measures, and achievements in seven respects, i.e., orientation, foundation, level, connotation, quality, horizon, and background of talent cultivation. And regarding objective-oriented growth model leading to fruitful achievement, Wang Yongsheng lists a series of measures and achievements in enhancing students’ practical competences, innovative spirit, and international awareness.  

In the end Wang Yongsheng expresses that BISTU will grasp the precious opportunity of undergraduate level teaching appraisal, further implement the essential mission of moral education, and highlight the core role of talent cultivation. The University, guided by “construction of five environments”, will follow steadily on the path of three-step development and strive for the goal of building a high level university with distinctive feature in information technology.   

After the meeting, experts are shown around the campus, including visiting BISTU history display, photos of outstanding alumni, innovation and talent introduction base on advanced photo electronic devices and systems, and innovation and entrepreneurial base for university students.