Du Jiamei Listed in Top Ten People-of-the-hour of Beijing

By Mon, 23 Jan 2017 GMT

Beijing, 22nd January, 2017 (BISTU)--- Ms. Du Jiamei, lecturer of BISTU School of Foreign Studies, was just honored on the list of Top Ten People-of-the-hour of Beijing--- an event organized by Beijing Municipal Educational Commission --- for her outstanding contributions to rehabilitation of autistic children. The award ceremony was hosted on 21st January in Beijing TV, with honors being presented by senior leadership of the Commission.  

The event aimed at establishing outstanding examples of educators in Beijing and promoting well prevailing custom of respecting teachers and attaching importance to education.  

Li Yi, Deputy Director General of the Commission presented the awards to Ms. Du Jiamei. In his address, Li Yi said that Ms. Du Jiamei “contributes tremendously to the child and the family with full love of a mother, devotes greater love to thousands of lonely hearts, and ignites the hope of love for thousands of families. She is a great mother and an outstanding teacher. She is a holy angel.”  

Ms. Du Jiamei started rehabilitation work for her daughter who suffers from autism as a child in 2004. She did not only successfully complete her teaching at BISTU but also explored and finally established an effective way to rehabilitation of autistic children. To help more autistic children, she sold her apartment to start Xingxiwang Rehabilitation Center which has offered help with over 1,500 autistic children and professional guidance and training for over 3,000 families with autistic children. And she started Beijing Autistic Babies Association to offer free technical support for parents in Beijing and neighboring areas. She also organized autistic children art troupe “Snail’s Dream” and their performance could be seen in TV programs in buses, subway, and office buildings. She set up autistic fund sponsored by China Soong Ching Ling Foundation. With wisdom and passion, Ms. Du Jiamei has been calling for more love and support to help children suffering from autism.  

Also listed among Top Ten People-of-the-hour of Beijing are Xu Shenjian (Vice Dean of Law School of China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL)), Xiao Xiangyu (Headmaster of Beijing Grean Valley Xiaoxiangyu Art School), Wang Huan (Headmaster of Shijia Primary School), Zhang Dali (Deputy Principal of the Branch of Shijingshan Experimental Middle School), Jin Yulan (senior teacher of Hepingjie No. 1 Middle School), Zhao Aiqin (Principal of Beijing Fengtai Vocational High School), Xue Qikun (Vice President of Tsinghua University), Jia Limin (Professor of Beijing Jiaotong University), and Li Jian (Professor of Beijing Institute of Technology).