【Beijing Daily】Wang Anshun: Bold in Scaling the Heights of Science, Enhancing Comprehensive Scientific Innovative Competence

By Fri, 29 Apr 2016 GMT

Beijing, 29th April, 2016(BISTU)--- Wang Anshun, Mayor of Beijing Municipality, conducts comprehensive investigation and survey at BISTU and delivers a report on scientific innovation. The young people are fresh forces of scientific innovation. Said Mayor Wang Anshun. It is time that they shall be bold in scaling the heights of science, spare no efforts to learning, and comprehensively enhance the competence in scientific innovation so that they could contribute to construction of the Capital and national prosperity.  


BISTU has achieved one after another successes in scientific innovation, such as successive state-level innovation awards on sensor technology to be applied to aeronautics and astronautics, foreign monopoly being broken by BISTU’s bio-medical detection technology, and primary successful commercialization of robots and unmanned vehicles developed by the students. A number of students have also established science and technology associations and become creative talents in the process of extracurricular practice. Wang Anshun visits the key labs and observes works of the students. With rich resources in innovation, it is necessary for higher educational institutions to build up channels between education and innovation so that more good projects and achievements could be applied to practical use. Said Wang Anshun.  

BISTU library witnesses excellent report delivered by Wang Anshun. He introduces current situation in scientific innovation, strengths of scientific innovation in Beijing, and future work to be done to promote scientific innovation. He also illustrates success cases of BOE, MI, Huawei, etc., to encourage students and faculties to actively engage in innovative activities.  

Wang Anshun stresses that Beijing, as national center of scientific innovation, has quite a few universities and research institutes. It is the unique strength of Beijing. Research on data recovery at BISTU, for instance, has played a very important role in information re-building in Wenchuan after the earthquake. As a megacity, Beijing is facing with increasing contradiction between population and environment. It is necessary to speed up in handling “megacity problems” via dispersal of city functions and adjustment of structure. Moreover, it is equally important to develop and upgrade the city with focus on quality and benefit of development. Promotion of innovative development is a key step in solving current problems. It is a fateful step. All students are important forces of propelling scientific innovation in the Capital.  

How to solve the problem of smog in Beijing via scientific means? How to serve and support the economic structure of “high-grade, precision and advanced” via technologies like big data? Wang Anshun responds to innovation issues about which faculties and students are concerned from four respects, i.e., reform, environment, talents, and originality. Your aptitude increases as you use it every day and your creative ideas will be inexhaustible when they are being often thought of. The key to nurturing talents is to consider how the talents could be offered a stage where their gifts are fully presented and their potentials fully performed. Later on the government will continue to explore on new mechanisms of talent flow so as to produce opportunities of learning-research-production cooperation for more students and motivate the talents to be more creative. The government sectors shall perform their functions well, i.e., making good use of “the visible hand” of the government and set free “the invisible hand” of the market so that Beijing will become an attraction for innovation and entrepreneurial choice with its further optimized environment for scientific innovation. Said Wang Anshun.  

Vice Mayor Wang Ning and Secretary General of Municipality Government Li Wei accompany the Mayor for investigation and survey.