Ministerial Level Talent-Introducing Innovation Base on Advanced Optoelectronic Devices and System is established at BISTU

By Fri, 03 Nov 2017 GMT



Beijing, 2nd November, 2017 (BISTU)— Opening Ceremony for Talent-Introducing Innovation Base on Advanced Optoelectronic Devices and System by State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs (SAFEA) and Ministry of Education successfully completes at Jianxiangqiao Campus of BISTU. The ceremony is attended by Director General Wang Song of Department of Education, Science, Culture, and Health of SAFEA, Director Chui Haichun of Planning Division of Expert Department of SAFEA, Deputy Director He Lifang of Comprehensive Division of Department of Science and Technology of MOE, Deputy Director General Huang Kan of Beijing Municipal Education Commission, Deputy Director Su Jinzhu of International Exchange and Cooperation Department of Beijing Municipal Education Commission, Director Zhang Zhenhua of Department of Foreign Experts and Employment of Beijing Municipal Foreign Experts Affairs Bureau, BISTU President Wang Yongsheng as well as directors of relating BISTU divisions and deans of School of Instrumentation Science and Opto-electronics Engineering and it is hosted by Vice President Chen Gang.  


President Wang Yongsheng extends sincere thanks to all who have been supporting and caring BISTU development. Following his introduction to history, research, education, and development planning of BISTU, he says that the University contributes greatly to information industry, high-end manufacturing industry, national defense industry, etc., with focus on demand of the Capital and the nation. During the 13th Five-Year Plan, BISTU has achieved a lot in the field of internationalized education with guidance of “dual first-rate” construction. He expresses that Talent-Introducing Innovation Base on Advanced Optoelectronic Devices and System is accepted by national Programme of Introducing Talents of Discipline to Universities” (111 Project) offers the University a new start. We are confident and determined to build a better base so as to build a global academic team, achieve globally leading academic results, and foster commercialization of research achievements in serving modernization of the nation and construction of Beijing as Four Centers as well as in accelerating BISTU on the path to “dual first-rate” construction.  


Talent-Introducing Innovation Base on Advanced Optoelectronic Devices and System is unveiled jointly by Wang Song, Huang Kan, Zhang Zhenhua, He Lifang, and Wang Yongsheng, following by a report delivered by Professor Zhu Lianqing, Director of the Base, on academic disciplines, team construction, research pathways, objectives, mission, planning, and available conditions of the Base.  


On behalf of SAFEA, Wang Song sends congratulations to successful completion of the Base at BISTU. With his introduction to background, general goal and principles of national 111 Project, he hopes that BISTU Talent-Introducing Innovation Base on Advanced Optoelectronic Devices and System continue to strengthen nurturing high-level talents, advancing long-established, stable, and practical cooperation, conducting research in international frontier fields, and playing the role of a hub for attracting more talents.  


On behalf of Ministry of Education, He Lifang congratulates on establishment of the Base at BISTU and highly praises the University’s achievements in academic research, education, and domestic and international collaboration. She hopes that the University will further enhance innovative competence in science and technology and comprehensive competiveness.  


Huang Kan, on behalf of Beijing Municipal Education Commission, warmly congratulates establishment of the Base and extends sincere thanks to SAFEA and MOE for their generous support with BISTU. He points out that BISTU has been included in the second cohort of universities supervised by Beijing Municipality who have been selected as members of 111 Project. It is a precious opportunity, i.e., construction of dual first rate universities, and it means that BISTU is among a few leading local universities in this regard. It is hoped that the Base and its team could take it even more seriously and help boost development of dual first-rate construction of the University. He also says that BISTU shall further support the Base, innovate management and operation, and achieve more in the future. Beijing Municipal Education Commission will provide due support whenever necessary.