CSSN Website Publishes Prof. Ge Xinquan’s Journal

By Fri, 17 Feb 2017 GMT

Beijing, 16th February, 2017 (BISTU)--- Green Economy Development with the Principle of Five Developments, a journal by Prof. Ge Xinquan, Dean of School of Economics and Management and Prime Expert of Beijing Research Base of Knowledge Management, is published by China Social Sciences Net. In his journal, Prof. Ge Xinquan says that innovation, coordination, openness, and sharing spirit are necessary for green development. Also, he points out that:  

Firstly, it is necessary to promote awareness of the nation in natural and social responsibility by publicizing actual cases and theories and making all acquainted with knowledge of green development.  

Secondly, relationship of five developments shall be handled well in green development. Green development is like a knob. And innovation is the technology and design, coordination is the systematic request for partial and whole benefit, openness shows courage and mind, and sharing is the goal which covers both short-term and long-term benefits of green development.  

Thirdly, in terms of green development, innovation, coordination, openness and sharing shall be embedded in the whole process, including green ideas, green design, green manufacturing and production, green purchase and logistics, green service and sales, green consumption, and green recycling. And in each production and industry, it is also necessary to include ecology, low emission, energy-saving issues, and cycle development so that sustainable development would be finally achieved.  

Fourthly, when making policies and laws on green development, game theory has its unique, irreplaceable role.  

Fifthly, the role of big data shall be emphasized in green development.  

And sixthly, theory and methodology of knowledge management shall be applied to green development.  

Recent five years have witnessed one after another breakthroughs made by Beijing Research Base of Knowledge Management centering on track data of green development (green consumption, green production, green industry), decision-making of green development, and construction of database for decision-making in green development. With its outstanding achievements, the Base is officially listed as municipal key lab (base) on 20th January 2017.  

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