BISTU Hit Honour List of Municipal Model On-campus Innovation Training Bases

By Thu, 02 Jan 2014 GMT

On a recently published municipal notice, BISTU was honoured to have its Students Innovation Training Base listed in the first cohort of 2013 Municipal Model On-Campus Innovation Training Bases, together with other 24 universities in Beijing.


Model On-Campus Innovation Training Bases project was initiated by Beijing Municipal Education Commission in accordance with the need to nurture innovative personnel who are able to meet the demand of socio-economic development of Beijing and the nation. It aims at innovating university applied learning and deepening teaching reform at universities.  

Since it was re-organized, BISTU has been focusing on the target of nurturing “high quality applied personnel with strong hands-on capability”, attaching more attention to strengthening innovation ability of students, and actively pushing forward innovative teaching reform. A university innovation training based was established on Qinghe Campus, with emphasis on the construction of mechanism, platform, system, and project. A ladder of innovation platforms have been constructed and perfected with two-layer management by the university and different schools. Systematic innovative activities sprang out, including subject competition, open experiments, innovative final project, and innovation planning on science and technology.  

This honour was a phased success in respect of innovative hands-on capability of BISTU students. The University has determined to enhance construction of model training base and perfect the mechanism and system of innovation education. Exploration will be conducted to set effective links between on-campus and off-campus training bases so that university-enterprise cooperation will be further promoted.