【BISTU Congress of Faculties and Union Members】 BISTU’s Second Faculties & Union Members Congress Successfully Concludes

By Wed, 14 Nov 2018 GMT

Beijing, 14th November, 2018 (BISTU)—BISTU’s Second Faculties & Union Members Congress witnesses closing ceremony on Xiaoying Campus on 14th November 2018. The Ceremony is addressed by Secretary General Wang Chuanliang of CPC BISTU Committee, hosted by Deputy Secretary General Wang Xiuyan of CPC BISTU Committee and attended by 169 representatives.  


On behalf of CPC BISTU Committee and university administration, Wang Chuanliang extends warmest congratulations to successful completion of the Congress and pays high respect to joint efforts of all representatives and all faculties and staff. Wang Chuanliang emphasizes that the Congress has received numerous valuable suggestions produced by representatives, which shows a strong sense of ownership of faculties and staff, deep love of the University, and active attitude in contributing to “construction of five environments”. It is the spiritual support as well as internal drive of the University in future development.  


In his address, Wang Chuanliang discusses new requirements in the New Era, new achievements to be made in the New Ear, and new role in the New Ear and raises requests on work of the new session of Faculties and Staff Representative Congress and the new session of the Labor Union.  

Firstly, we shall implement new requirements for the New Ear. After reviewing the spirit of the Party since the 18th National Congress of CPC and the spirit of Beijing Municipal conferences on education and talent cultivation, Wang Chuanliang says that BISTU is a municipally-supervised institution and we have to focus on the objective of building a high level university with distinctive feature in information technology as well as achieving the three historical goals in 2020. We shall firmly uphold the spirit of national and municipal conferences on education and conduct in-depth studies on keynote speeches delivered on various occasions by President Xi Jinping, Cai Qi, Secretary General of CPC Beijing Committee, and Minister Chen Baosheng of Ministry of Education. It is necessary to strengthen overall leadership of the Party, implement the fundamental mission of promoting academic education with focus on moral education, and steadily, firmly promote reform and innovation.  

Secondly, new role in the New Era shall be confirmed. Wang Chuanliang emphasizes that substantive achievements have been made at BISTU in recent years. Major bottlenecks are broken and a series of key issues have been successfully solved. The achievements are the fruit of joint effort and hardworking of all faculties and staff. Currently BISTU is on a crucial period where the University is to achieve super-normal, big-stride development. He requests that we shall play a new role in highlighting education features of the University. Information technology remains the major focus, with great efforts to be invested in construction of disciplinary clusters and resources to be invested in preponderant academic disciplines. We shall make the feature of information technology more salient so as to meet key, strategic demand of Beijing and of the nation. It is a must to play a new role in academic education with focus on morality training. A comprehensive educational system with focus on all around development of moral, intellectual, physical, aesthetics and labor education is to be constructed to move further in our development. It is necessary to play a new role in serving construction of Beijing as “four centers”, coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, and construction of “the Belt and Road Initiative”. We shall actively serve key demands of Beijing and the nation and make new achievements in commercialization of academic researches, construction of high end think-tanks, and construction of cultural high-land. It is necessary to play a new role in introduction of talents. Reform of human resources system is to be conducted to explore more potential of development and to motivate faculties and staff. Meanwhile, we shall introduce high level talents and build a warm, inclusive, and kind environment of emotions so as to make new achievements. He particularly emphasizes that directors and deputy directors, after their terms of service conclude, shall be appointed in proper procedure with supervision of strict party disciplinary regulations. And it is necessary to play a new role in conquering barriers to development. Wang Chuanliang emphasizes that we are still facing with a number of difficulties and huge pressure, though we have made a series of substantive achievements. It is time that all faculties and staff shoulder their responsibilities and courageously contribute to brighter future of the University.  

And thirdly, a new role is to be established for the New Era. Wang Chuanliang emphasizes that Congress of Representatives of Faculties and Staff and Labor Union are very important parts of university governance system as well as important power for the university to develop. In a New Era with new situation of a fresh start, the second sessions of the Congress and the Union are shouldering the important responsibility of converging wisdoms and strengths of faculties and staff and comprehensively promoting “construction of five environments”. In the New Era, the Congress and the Union shall actively promote construction of democracy and the rule of law, raise political awareness of faculties and staff, and actively participate in democratic management and supervision. Consensus shall be built via public engagement to enhance emotional identity of all faculties and staff. And we shall encourage the free airing of views to realize positive interaction between faculties and staff and the University.  

And Wang Chuanliang calls for all faculties and staff of the University to work together for three-step strategy and 2020 goals.  


The Congress announces results of election of members for the Congress and the Union and passes relating resolutions.  

Executive members of BISTU Second Session of Congress for Representatives of Faculties and Staff (in order of number of Surname strokes):  

Cai Xiufen (F)   Wang Dengshan     Wang Xingfen (F)  Wang Xiuyan (F)    Yin Chuanhua (F)    Lu Lingjun (F)    Bai Xuefeng    Ren Weiping (F)    Li Huatao    Yang Dali    Yang Kongyu    Zhou Zhehai    Guo Xiaobing    Guo Chunyan (F)    Tang Wuxiang    Huang Min    Cao Lin  


Members of BISTU Labor Union (the Second Session, in order of number of Surname strokes) 

Wang Jifang (F)    Wang Xiuyan  (F)    Wang Mingtao    Lu Huaming  (F)    Ye Chao  (F)    Qu Li  (F)    Liu Shoujun  (F)    Li Jian  (F)    Li Xiangzhi    Zheng Jun    Hu Sa  (F)    Xu Ming    Guo Xiaobing    Cao Jinhong  (F)    Han Guang  (F)    Han Junyan    Xie Baojie    Xie Xinwei    Xue Chengjun     

Members of Financial Audition Committee of BISTU Labor Union  (the Second Session, in order of number of surname strokes) 

Ning Yu (F)    Bao Yuhong (F)    Li Xiangrong (F)    Zhang Li (F)    Guo Huifeng  


Members of BISTU Working Committee for Proposal of Second Session of Congress for Representatives of Faculties and Staff (in order of number of surname strokes):  

Wang Dengshan    Wang Zhaohui (F)    Liu Shoujun (F)    Li Huatao   Zhao Shuang (F)    Zhao Qingcong (F)    Gao Bingxue  


Members of Welfare Commission of Second Session of Congress for Representatives of Faculties and Staff (in order of number of surname strokes):  

Ma Zhong    Yi Qiang    Li Chunmei (F)    Zheng Jun    Meng Kun    Xie Xinwei    


Members of BISTU Second Session Commission of Cultural and Physical Education (in order of number of surname strokes):  

Bai Bing    Bai Xuefeng    Li Yuan (F)    Li Zhonggang    He Yingli (F)    Zhang Hongyu    Gao Zhuo    


Members of BISTU Second Session Commission of Youth Work (in order of number of surname strokes): 

Ma Tiejian    Wang Zongshui    Lv Jing (F)    Li Zhuo    Chen Tianyu    Zhao Xian    Xi Dongmei (F)  


Members of Female Commission for BISTU Second Session Labor Union (in order of number of surname strokes): 

Ma Muyan (F)    Ma Rongwei (F)    Feng Shuo (F)    Wang Xiaoni (F)    Yin Chunhua (F)    Yang Li (F)    Zhou Jinghua (F)    Hu Sa (F)    Xu Yinghui (F)