【BISTU Congress of Faculties and Union Members】Preparatory Session of Second Session of BISTU Congress of Faculties and Union Members Successfully Completes

By Tue, 13 Nov 2018 GMT


Beijing, 13th November, 2018 (BISTU)—Xiaoying Campus of BISTU sees successful completion of Preparatory Session of Second Session of BISTU Congress of Faculties and Union Members, hosted by Deputy Secretary General Wang Xiuyan of CPC BISTU Committee and attended by 145 representatives.   



On behalf of Preparatory Working Group of the Congress and Proposal Group, Guo Xiaobing delivers a report on preparatory issues of the Second Session of Congress for BISTU Representatives of Faculties and Staff and the Second Session of BISTU Labor Union, qualification review for the Congress, and collection of proposals for the Congress.  

The meeting passes resolutions on members of presidium, members of secretaries of the Congress, agenda of the Congress, and Chairs and Vice Chairs of various delegations.  


This Congress is a major even of BISTU, to which CPC BISTU Committee attaches great importance. It is listed as a key issue of working arrangement of the University in 2018. Standing Committee of CPC BISTU Committee has for many times conducted research and survey on this issue and has made thorough arrangement for the Congress. Opening ceremony of the Congress will be held on 14th November 2018.  

The first meeting of Presidium and meetings among delegation chairs are held following the preparatory meeting.