BISTU Holds Mobilization Meeting for Starting Construction of New Campus

By Wed, 20 Jun 2018 GMT 

Beijing, 20th June 2018 (BISTU)--- BISTU New Campus Headquarter holds mobilization meeting for starting construction of the New Campus. The meeting is attended by Vice President Ma Qinghong and all staff members of the Headquarter and hosted by Ying Shuzhi, Director of Construction Office for the New Campus. 

In his address to the mobilization meeting, Ma Qinghong generalizes issues regarding construction of the New Campus in seven aspects, i.e., on-site preparations, construction preparations, investment adjustment, pricing and contractor management, staff members, system, and logistics. He points out that early half of 2018 witnesses close coordination among divisions and mutual support in all aspects. With powerful and outstanding leadership of the University, all issues have been well handled. Construction of the New Campus has been going very well so far. Ma Qinghong stresses that focus in next half of the year is on starting overall construction of the New Campus. All staff members shall strictly follow designed scheme and planning and make progress in budgets, construction, management, and bidding.  

Ying Shuzhi expresses that all staff members of Headquarter of New Campus Construction will review past achievements, locate weaknesses, and strictly follow planning made by the University. Competence of staff members will be enhanced in the process of campus construction. For the purpose of completing the New Campus, they will spare no efforts to overcoming all sorts of difficulties that they would possibly encounter so as to contribute to super-normal, big-stride forward development of BISTU.