Wang Chuanliang Hosts On-site Working Discussion of BISTU New Campus

By Sat, 09 Dec 2017 GMT

Beijing, 8th December, 2017 (BISTU)— Chairman Wang Chuanliang of BISTU University Council conducts survey on BISTU new campus and hosts on-site working conference to monitor progress of new campus construction. The conference is attended by Vice President Chen Qinghua, former Vice President Feng Xiaochun, Vice President Ma Qinghong, and directors of general administration office, office of publicity, office of disciplinary inspection, office of audition, and BISTU workers’ union.

On behalf of BISTU administration, Wang Chuanliang positively comments progress of new campus construction and sings high praise of efforts and work that all relating faculties and staff have done. With regard to construction of the new campus, Wang Chuanliang says that:

Firstly, all shall enhance political awareness. It is necessary to realize and understand that new campus construction is not only the long-cherished dream of generations of BISTU people but also a prime political mission of Beijing Municipality in construction of Four Centers, shifting non-capital functions of Beijing, and promotion of Beijing’s development. We shall produce a sound solution to handle the relationship between Beijing’s strategic requirement and BISTU development. There are opportunities as well as challenges for BISTU. Guided by double-first-rate construction and construction of five environments, all shall spare no efforts to realize super-normal, leap and bound development of the University.  

Secondly, job shall be our career. Wang Chuanliang points out that job, career, and life are dialectically united. Construction of the new campus is a major event in development history of BISTU. It is a great honor for all of us to experience such a great event. Of course there would be difficulties and barriers. However, all shall view difficulties and barriers as training necessary for our growth and development. In such a course, we would be able to turn our job into career and feel the joy of working.  

Thirdly, enough respect shall be paid to regulations and rules. Wang Chuanliang emphasizes that BISTU has built up sound and consolidated regulations and rules for construction of the new campus. Everyone involved in construction shall follow the rules and maintain authority of regulations and rules. It is expected that new campus construction shall be a sunshine project and no one is allowed to do anything that might bring harm to interest of BISTU or the nation.  

Fourthly, it is a must to reinforce the Party’s path and make the Party play an actively role in the construction. The role of Party in new campus construction shall be emphasized and grass-root party organizations shall be able to monitor and produce suggestions for new campus construction. Workers’ union shall also work hard to produce better working conditions to secure smooth progress of the construction.  

And fifthly, we shall attach equal importance to science and humanity and build the new campus with high standards. BISTU new campus shall be built in compliance with the standard of the best university in Beijing. It shall represent both global vision and Chinese tradition. New campus planning shall focus on both history heritage and future development, integration of science and humanity, and highlight of people-orientation and information feature.

Ma Qinghong introduces current mechanism and system in securing construction of the campus, relating committees and their working mechanism, bidding office for the new campus construction, and latest integrated progress of construction.  

Ying Shuzhi, Executive Deputy Director of New Campus Construction, delivers a report on relating work of new campus construction, including basic information of all projects, progress made in past six months, detailed plan of construction, and issues related to disciplinary inspection.