New Power for Off-campus Field Practice of BISTU

By Thu, 30 Nov 2017 GMT

Beijing, 30th November, 2017 (BISTU)— Signing ceremony for cooperation between BISTU and United Intelligence Group on off-campus field practice base is held on November 28th, hosted by Dean Zhang Jian of School of Economics and Management. The ceremony is attended by Vice President Xu Baojie and directors of relating divisions as well as management of the School.


Xu Baojie extends warm welcome to United Intelligence delegation and offers an introduction to BISTU’s history, development, academic strengths, and future planning. He points out that the Intelligence in the name of United Intelligence indicates that the Group is focusing on wisdom and information, which suits academic features of BISTU very well. Both parties shall seek more areas of cooperation in respect of education and research. It is a good beginning for school-enterprise cooperation and more fruitful achievements are to be made by joint efforts. Says Xu Baojie.  

Chen Yong, Chairman of United Intelligence extends thanks to Xu Baojie for the warm reception and introduces the Group’s history, general structure, clients, and operational mode. He says that higher educational institutions play an important role in modern economy. He confirms that cooperation between both parties will be supported with resources advantages of the Group.


Beijing United Intelligence Group, carrying on the mission of “integration of smart resources, serving urban development, promoting industry advancement, and enhancement of individual wellbeing”, is a comprehensive platform for think-tanks, investments and financing, high-tech service, and enterprise incubation. It produces services and products in the area of urban development, planning of think-tanks, investment, green development, information technology, high-tech service, and incubators.